Amy engages, listens, organizes and gets things done. She is a remarkable leader for our community.
— Peter Buckley, former Oregon State Representative

Organizational Management

For the past four years I have witnessed Amy Thuren’s passion for improving our community. If there is an opportunity to make her surroundings better, she commits wholeheartedly and does not disappoint. I have continually been impressed with Amy’s ability to take on projects and provide results that go beyond expectations. As the Executive Director of The Valley School she surpassed expectations. She has exceeded fundraising goals, managed a completely new staff, acquired accreditations, wrote and managed multiple grants, acquired a new facility, negotiated a vital contract with the school district, demonstrated fiscal responsibilities performing under budget, all in a matter of months. I think it is fair to say it would take most people years to accomplish so much. It is also fair to say that Amy Thuren is very special, I am excited to see what she can do in the first few months as County Commissioner.

— Jeanetta Woodside, Focus 1 (TVS Board)

Fiscal Responsibility

I have had the opportunity to work with Amy in many of her past roles, however, it was during her time at Consumer Credit Counseling that we worked the closest. She was able to craft a specialized program for the staff and clients of Southern Oregon Goodwill that ensured they had access to financial education and literacy on a regular basis. Working with Amy throughout the development of this project reaffirmed for me how committed she is to the community and ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to improve their lives.
— Shae Johns, CEO Goodwill
I’m a local small business owner. I support Amy because she talks issues. There are many issues in Jackson County. Amy brings the capacity to deal with issues by bringing together the folks that need to be involved to work out or work toward solutions. She is no-nonsense, caring and listens well. She’ll connect with those that are willing to work together. She’s the kind of commissioner that will make a difference.
— Charlotte Nuessle, Growing in Wellness, LLC

Service to the Community

Amy’s dedication to community service is evident in
her experience—at the core of community problems, dealing with real individuals and real issues. She has a unique ability to connect resources, bringing people together from across the aisle to find efficient solutions.
— Sunny Spicer, Executive Director of KidTime
I met Amy when we both served on an early education Board of Directors in our community many years ago. I have always admired Amy’s dedication to EVERY member of our community being represented in an educational system where socioeconomic diversity can sometimes serve to divide instead of include. Amy wrote and secured grants so that there were funds available to any family who wanted a hands-on, real world early education experience for their children. As a community member working in higher education, I appreciate that Amy recognizes there is not only one prescribed way that fits every person, but there also comes a time when decisions have to be made to move forward. I know Amy is thoughtful and honest in bringing community members together and ensuring when decisions are made that all speakers have a voice.
— Lisa Parks, Rogue Community College

Public Safety

I worked with Amy in her role as the American Red Cross Executive Director. Amy brought a diverse group of people together so that we could make a difference in the community. She delivered positive energy and a commitment that made us each want to be part of the effort. She is a great motivator and leader for everyone.
— Dan Petersen, former Fire Chief, District 6